National Apprenticeship Week 2024

This week is National Apprenticeship week. Corrigenda have been providing apprenticeships for engineers and office staff for many years which has been a great success for the individuals and the company.

We have had many successful apprenticeships over the years at Corrigenda, and we’ve been catching up with some of our current apprentices to hear about their journey.

Dom Wilbur is currently completing his Electrical apprenticeship and is based at Solent University working with the maintenance team. He has said “During my adventure with Corrigenda I have enjoyed every moment because I’m making good progress and hope to become qualified in the future. The engineers are extremely motivational and positive towards me. In addition, they always make me laugh and put a smile on my face.”

Jack Perkins is currently completing his third year of his Electrical apprenticeship. He has said, “I have enjoyed my apprenticeship so far with Corrigenda, all of the other electricians have been very helpful and are always willing to go through things with me to help me with my apprenticeship.”

Ella Goodacre, our HR apprentice has said, “I joined Corrigenda just over two months ago as a Business Administration Apprentice, within the HR department. I decided that I wanted to go down the apprenticeship route after College because I felt that University wasn’t for me and I wanted a job that would offer me both a qualification and experience, which Corrigenda has been able to provide for me! I have really enjoyed my first few months at Corrigenda, and I look forward to learning more skills, qualifications and progressing with my career”

Finlay Glass is currently completing his Business Admin apprenticeship with us and is working as part of the Planned Maintenance Team. He said, “Being an apprentice at Corrigenda has been great, my team have really welcomed me into the company and been a huge support throughout my development so far. With the support from everyone in the company it has allowed me to grow in confidence within my role and gain valuable experience.”

Mawgan Crockford is in his third year of his Gas apprenticeship, he has said “I’ve really enjoyed my apprenticeship whilst I’ve been at Corrigenda.  I feel like I’ve had the right amount of support, experience, and training throughout my apprenticeship from my colleagues and mangers, I have nearly finished my apprenticeship and I happy to be where I am. I am looking forward to starting my commercial gas training in the very near future to progress my career.”

Sam Day is currently completing his Business Admin apprenticeship with us and is working as part of the maintenance Helpdesk team. He said, “I’m really enjoying my apprenticeship at Corrigenda and have learnt a huge amount since starting last February, with support from all my colleagues I’m looking to finish my apprenticeship in the upcoming coming months and continue to progress my career through the business with the great opportunities Corrigenda have offered.”

Ted Smilie, another one of our electrical apprentices has said, “I’m finding my experience at corrigenda very well catered to my needs as an employee and an apprentice as I’m learning well at work and getting on very well with my colleagues. I am well looked after at corrigenda and would go as far as to say I have a very good advantage in my apprenticeship because of all the help I get at Corrigenda”

We have always been fully supportive of all our apprentices and their development within the company. We thrive to help them achieve their career aspirations and goals. We take great pride in supporting all our emerging talents along their incredible journeys.