Terms & Conditions


Unless specifically detailed within our proposal we have excluded the following,

a.Any builders work, in connection with our works, other than drilling of holes up to 50mm diameter through normal construction walls and floors up to 200mm thick.

b.Cutting, drilling or chasing of any concrete or similar wall, floor or roof structures. Painting, fire stopping, primary support steel other than standard bracket items, Pipe boxing or similar. Cutting any holes through metal based walls or roof decking and notching of floor joists or roof timbers.

c.Fuel for testing purposes.

d.Spare parts or labour costs of replacement parts under warranty.

e.Cutting and/or removal of asbestos material

f.Restricted access, waiting time or working outside normal working hours. Any premium time, as instructed by yourselves, will be extra to the contract.

g.We have assumed that you will provide all 110v temporary safety lighting, power, and all other attendance’s and facilities, which will be provided to us free of charge.

h.Additional requirements made by the District Surveyor and Building Control/Fire Officer beyond the drawings tendered on. Any such additions made by the above bodies will be deemed to be a variation to our quotation.

i.Specialist access equipment. If these are required to be provided by us then this would be an extra to the contract.

j.Waste removal skips to remove our waste from site. We have deemed that you will supply these for disposal of our waste.

k.Temporary works within the contract unless specifically called for in the Specification.

l.This is a pre-design project. To this end we believe that the Consultants will undertake the duties of the Designer under the CDM Regulations.

m.Unless otherwise agreed in writing, legal title to all goods shall remain with the Seller until such time as the Seller has received payment of the full purchase price goods or services previously or subsequently supplied by the Seller to the Purchaser whereupon such title shall pass to the Purchaser. On delivery risk in the goods passes to the Purchaser who is responsible for insurance and safe storage.

n.Cranage for our equipment within our quotation.

o.Provisional or prime cost sums, which may be contained within the contract documentation unless clearly defined on our Tender Summary or within our written tender submission. These would be deemed extra to the contract sums.

p.Performance Bond. Should a Performance Bond be required, this will be extra to the contract.

Terms & Conditions

1.Corrigenda Ltd are here in after called the company and any person, for or corporate body to whom this order is addressed to is here in after called the supplier.

2.The company will not be liable for any orders except those made on the company’s printed order form which must be signed on behalf of the company by an individual authorised to do so.

3.The company will not be liable for, and will not accept any variation, addition, alteration or amendment or alteration to this order which has not been confirmed by the company in writing.

4.No part of this order to be sub-let without the company’s written permission.

5.The work, materials or goods specified in the order shall be subject to inspection and approval by the company, and if rejected will be held at the suppliers risk, and will be returnable at the suppliers expense. Exclusively the company shall determine approval or rejection of work, material or goods, and the supplier shall be entitled to no reason or explanation for any rejection by the company.

6.In the event of such rejection the company shall have the option of returning, at the supplier’s expense, any work, material or goods already delivered to the company in part performance of the order.

7.The order is placed as a sub-contract to the supplier bound by the same obligations, conditions and rights of those blinding the company (and the main contractor if applicable). The main contractor or sub-contractor is available at the offices

8.Without prejudice to the generality of the forgoing, and to any rights of rejection given to the company by law, the company reserves the right to cancel this order or part thereof, if materials are not in accordance with the drawings or designs, approved samples or specification, or is defective in workmanship.

9.All goods and services ordered under this order are deemed to be on a fixed price basis unless otherwise agreed by the company in writing.

10.The company will not accept any responsibility for damage, losses or delay in transit.

11.No payment can be made for crates or packing material of any description except by special arrangement in writing.

12.The supplier shall pay all royalties and fees on patented articles, processes and/or registered designs and indemnity the company against all claims in respect thereof and against all claims, damages and costs in respect of any patent, registered design or other monopoly privilege which may be infringed by the goods supplied under this order.

13.The supplier, subcontractor and employees will indem the company and keep it indemnified against all liabilities, claims, costs, damages and expenses which the company may incur or which it may become subject as the result of injury or disease of the suppliers. The supplier shall at the request of the company send to the office of the company for inspection and return, such polices of insurance together with the current renewal receipts thereof, as the supplier’s liabilities under the forgoing indemnities.

14.The execution of this order or any part thereof will be deemed to be an acceptance by the suppliers of the whole of these conditions

15.Subject to any other written agreement between the company and supplier, all payments for goods or services to the supplier, will be made on receipt of a monthly statement, and or 30 days from the end of the month following date of invoice or in accordance with the main contractors payment clause.

16.The supplier is deemed to warrant that all work, material or goods supplied under this contract are fit for the purpose for which they have been ordered.

17.In the event of the company being unable to accept delivery of the work, material or goods, due to reason beyond their control, then the company shall so notify the supplier who shall delay such delivery until the company shall accept the same and such delay shall be at the risk of the supplier who shall not be at the liberty to alter the fixed price thereof.

18.In the event of the supplier being unable to deliver materials or goods on the date agreed with company for the delivery thereof, or within seven days thereafter, and as a result delay occurs in the work being carried out by the company, all consequential and direct claim’s of whatsoever nature made by any party thereby prejudiced shall be met by the supplier who hereby agrees to indemnify the company in respect thereof.

19.The company shall accept no alteration in, or deviation from the conditions.

20.The supplier or sub-contractor is deemed to have current polices in force for public, products and employers liability insurance. Health & Safety policy, Environmental policy. QA procedures and shall issue documentation as required by the company.

21.This agreement sets out the entire Agreement of the parties and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings relating to its subject matter. The provisions of this agreement apply to the exclusion of any other standard terms and conditions of the sub-contractor/supplier. For larger subcontracts this agreement which will be agreed and signed between the two.

22.The company will be entitled to terminate at any time during the contract period, by giving a maximum of 30 days written notice to the supplier/sub-contractor, without incurring any liquidated damages.

23.Failure by the suppliers/sub-contractors to perform and duties or obligations, the company will be entitled to terminate at will, without giving any notice period or incurring any liquidated damages.

24.Retentions if applicable will be as described in any written agreement, as described in 15.

25.As installed documentation (manuals, drawings, certificates etc) must be received 3 weeks before contract completion. Failure to provide these may result in handover or project no being achieved, therefore liquidated damage may be incurred.