About Corrigenda

Making life easier
& delivering the things
that matter

We make life easier, delivering the things that matter. But we know that means different things to different people.

Since day one, we’ve built our reputation on honesty. No hidden agendas, just a direction that’s set by what our clients need and what our experience tells us is truly useful. So we continue to put partnerships with our clients first. We take the time to understand your challenges, then plan and deliver a bespoke service that guarantees the best use of your time, energy and money.

It’s about using our common sense, experience, and knowledge of your organisation to think before we act. We call it intelligent servicing.

We take pride in ourselves, our work and our customers, but we don’t just deliver exceptionally high standards. We deliver in those areas of your organisation where it really matters.

Our people

We’re knowledgeable about buildings, systems and businesses. But it’s our people that bring our vision to life.

When we say we put our customers first, that’s because our people are outstanding listeners, curious to learn about your organisation. When we say we deliver high standards in the areas that count, it’s because the kind of people we employ don’t settle for anything less.

And when we say that we’re a partner you can trust, what we really mean is that our people come with common sense, experience and accountability.

We value all the people that make what we do possible. So we constantly invest in training and development, finding new ways to motivate, retain and develop the best talent in the industry.

Simple in our Delivery

  • 01
    Before we do anything else, we listen to your needs, your challenges, and your goals.
  • 02
    From what we learn about your business we develop a custom-made service to suit your requirements.
  • 03
    Collaboratively we plan to achieve your goals, maintaining excellence across all processes.
  • 04
    Our aim is to understand what matters and deliver what is needed.
  • 05
    We inspire change and evolve with those we work with, striving to provide improvements in performance.