Mechanical & HVAC - Project & Capital Works

An easier path to compliant
and cost-effective buildings.

Get an expert team to design, install and commission integrated mechanical, electrical and HVAC systems.

At Corrigenda, we combine a commitment to quality with a practical, pragmatic approach. By understanding your project, your cost considerations, and your goals, we can lead your project to success.

From design to delivery
Our reputation is built on our ability to deliver the things that matter, putting the best engineering expertise to work where it counts. Across commercial and public projects, new or existing buildings, we can support you from design and feasibility to project management, site supervision, and ongoing maintenance.

It’s comprehensive project services from a team you can trust.

Making your life easier

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Simple in our Delivery

  • 01
    Before we do anything else, we listen to your needs, your challenges, and your goals.
  • 02
    From what we learn about your business we develop a custom-made service to suit your requirements.
  • 03
    Collaboratively we plan to achieve your goals, maintaining excellence across all processes.
  • 04
    Our aim is to understand what matters and deliver what is needed.
  • 05
    We inspire change and evolve with those we work with, striving to provide improvements in performance.