Corrigenda’s Client Portal Powered by Planon

Welcome to Corrigenda’s Client Portal Powered by Planon

Effortless Access to Services and Transparent Communication

Corrigenda’s Client Portal, powered by Planon, offers a seamless experience for accessing services and fostering transparent communication. It serves as your one-stop-shop, enabling easy service ordering, submitting special requests, and seamless interaction with our organization. By integrating with our back-office processes, we ensure faster service processing and improved service quality.

Real-Time Web Access to Updates and KPI Dashboards

Experience web access to status updates, reports, and intuitive KPI dashboards within Corrigenda’s Client Portal. This reduces communication overhead and provides transparency on service levels, operational performance, and contractual agreements, building trust and enhancing your satisfaction.

Seamless Anytime, Anywhere Access

Our client Portal allows you to access services anytime, anywhere. With its user-friendly and configurable interface, you can effortlessly input service requests, maintenance calls, and special needs. We align the portal with your contracts to ensure a seamless integration of services.

Insightful Reports and Customizable KPIs

Gain valuable insights through comprehensive reports, service level analyses, and KPIs. Corrigenda’s Client Portal empowers you with accurate information, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Ready to Transform Your Customer Management?

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