Case Study

CBRE at IBM Hursley

Client description

IBM Hursley D Block AHU Replacement

Contract details

The project consists of the replacement of the existing supply & extract fans of the 6 AHUs serving D Block. There are 2 AHUs in each of the following plantrooms located on the roof of D Block:

  • Block West Plantroom
  • Bock Machine Plantroom
  • Block South Plantroom

The 12 existing belt driven centrifugal supply & extract fans, and their associated TASC drives & control panels, have been stripped out and replaced with multiple direct drive fans mounted on a new frame wall within the existing fan chambers.

The new energy efficient EC fans & motors do not require separate variable speed drives.

The existing Main Control Panels (MCPs) (MCCs) in each plantroom have been modified; the controls for the old fans have been stripped out, and the existing isolators, power cables & protective devices retained to serve the 4 new Distribution Boards (DB) which provide power and local isolation to each new fan wall.

Energy meters have been installed in each MCP to monitor the 4 fan walls in each plantroom.

A new Fan Control Panel (FCP) has been installed in each plantroom with Tridium BMS Controls and Ziehl Unicon Master Controllers to monitor and control all 4 fan walls, and contains all the fan & BMS controls. The UNIcon controllers communicate with each individual fan in the fan wall via a MODBUS link, and provide the necessary run & alarm functions between the BMS and each fan.

The new fan walls contain multiple EC fans mounted on a frame.




October 2018 to June 2019